What is EchoVoices

We are living in a world of increasing uncertainties. Every day we are bombarded by images and noises imposed by others that have caused us to lose our independent thinking. Our thinking is becoming distorted as we are herded along the crowd. We are losing our identities. The internet, the virtual world, has not changed our world which is our real world. Instead, our minds are being twisted. The more we think we are connected, the more we are actually disconnected.

Can we truly make a difference by digitally connecting in this network world? The answer lies within us. If we are connecting for the purpose of escaping our reality, then we cannot. But change may come if we agree to share ideas, tolerate differences, and learn how to compromise. We may never be able to change the world as others often claim and believe they can, but at the least we can change ourselves. We can channel this change through voicing our thoughts, emotions, and reasons.

We may appear to be a group of leftists, rightists, or even centrists, but no. We refuse to label ourselves or to be labeled due to the simple fact that once labels are asserted, we have to think and act within such labels. We are simply individuals, thinking independently, and doing the right things for the greater good.

We source news and insightful articles around the world to offer you a different kind of news than CNN, Fox, BBC, and so on. These news outlets are not bad in every respect, but there remains an aurora of narcissism at times within their culture. We are searching for journalists and independent thinkers to share with us their views of the world today. No news is faked and no news is real. No reason is right and no critique is wrong. Ideas are not tangible products. Ideas are like dreams, for they come and go. No ideas are perfect and no ideas are imperfect.

You filter the information, think deeply, and form your own decision.

EchoVoices is not a platform where you connect and share hourly meaningless stories with unknown people, hoping you can change the world because “they say, we are connected.” Echovoices is a network where you can come to gain other perspectives from members, and take action together—whether it is for one day or for a lifetime. By opening yourself up to change you can create a chain reaction of transformation.

EchoVoices, unlike any other websites, raises thought-provoking questions to challenge your conventional thinking, instead of eliminating your thinking capability by giving you curated answers with a couple of clicks. There are, of course, other websites which could give you such instant knowledge, but not here. There are many ways a certain problem can be examined—not just one. That is what we strive to embody.

EchoVoices is here for you -to be courageous, to be a few, and influence others.

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