Who We Are

For now, we decide to be anonymous.

To lead you on, perhaps we are a group of international entrepreneurs, highly successful as wealth creators. We may be a group of corporate executives who understand the ins-and-outs of global business practices. We may be a group of opportunists who take advantage of any cracks in the system- or create cracks in the system for our own advantage. We may be a group of world class thinkers, artists, and writers. We may be a group of retired, aspiring, and current politicians.

You could presume we are a group of idealists, but what we do every day contradicts our values. We could be wealthier than 99.9% of the world population, but we could be miserable in our daily lives.

You could presume we are a group of millenniums who have nothing to do except login to social network websites every hour, hoping to change the world, and yearning for a better tomorrow.

You could presume we are an emerging group of a slightly different generation who refuses to accept any imposing status quos or being directed to causes that are unrelated to us, but yet mold us to fulfill the elites’ personal desires. However, interestingly enough, we are the same millenniums who are being supported by the elites whom we are fighting against.

We are not much different than the older generations, as you were once like us, with dreamy eyes, full of big dreams, and ready to take on the world.

We were and are one of you. We are unbecoming ourselves.

We are defining our lifetime – as you once were – and are searching for our independent identities.

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