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There are countries in which only a few dictate the entire future of their citizens. There are heads of companies who shape the lives of their customers in accordance to their subjective views. They all lead us to a future, hailed as a promised land, but the fact is no one could predict the future. As a result, we are shaped to becoming their experimental products.

History teaches us the masses were only numbers because the masses are not always right, whether it is hundreds of million or billions. History also teaches us that populism is a perfect tool for a few who are selling dreams to us.

It is a few who matters.

At some points in life, we must make a choice. Do the right things, over money, power and anything else in between. Things along those lines are fleeting at best. Do the right things for the less fortunate and do the right things for the privileges. Be less selfish, then the world will change for the better. Be among the few, and walk with the masses.

If you think you are part of the selected few, please join EchoVoices. Be morally courageous, raise your voice, be a critic, be a pessimist, but always remain a constructive optimist. Walk the talk, lead your movements, inspire others -and we will try our best to support you.

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